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Turf, Sod & Overseeding

We provide turf, sod, and winter overseeding service for Valley residents.

Increase the Value of Your Property with Turf, Sod or Winter Overseeding.

Do you have weeds and other unsightly things growing where you think thick green grass should be? Do you imagine looking out your front or back door and visualizing a beautiful lush green yard? Let Absolute Landscaping in Moon Valley, AZ remove your unsightly weeds and replace it with thick lush sod. You won’t mind going barefoot on thick green sod.

Did you just purchase a new home with dirt, shrubs, weeds growing out of control and need help creating a new yard? We offer professional and prompt sod installation for your Phoenix home. In just a couple weeks and your children will be able to run free on new fresh green grass. Once you new yard is installed we can ensure it stays looking great with our affordable bi-weekly and monthly lawn care maintenance.

Having sod in your yard will help dust and dirt from flying around and will help keep the surrounding areas around your home or office a little cooler on those hot summer days. Our professional designers will help you select the perfect grass/sod type for your needs. In Arizona there a few different choices when it comes to base grass types.

Winter Overseeding

Absolute Landscaping provides complete lawn overseeding services to ensure your lawn stays green during winter. In Arizona, we know that winter can be the best time to enjoy our yards. The weather is perfect, and spending a nice 70-degree day in December out in yards is hard to beat. We provide the highest quality Ryegrass and fertilization to ensure your yard is green and lasts until late spring. We can set your timers for watering and provide the service to keep your yard looking great.