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Enjoying the outdoors is the reason you live in Arizona. Us Arizonan's like to spend as much time enjoying the wonderful Phoenix weather as possible.  Our yards are the gateway to the outdoors and when they look great we find more time to enjoy the outdoors.  However, with today’s work responsibilities, home and family duties, most of your schedule during the week is full. With so much to do, especially in challenging times like today, additional lawn care duties become a chore that few homeowners have time for.

At Absolute Landscaping, we strive to provide the best lawn care service possible, and at competitive prices for our customers. Customers who know our yard work and landscaping service trust us to supply them with the high quality lawn care service they want.

Moon Valley, North Scottsdale, North Phoenix and Paradise Valley  are some of the best places to live in Arizona. We have been operating our monthly yard service for residents of these areas for over 20 yearsWe not only service the area, we live in the area, so we understand how important it is to maintain a great looking house.

The trained professionals at Absolute Landscaping include landscapers, lawn care technicians, and tree trimmers all equipped to provide the latest in natural and creative environmental design and maintenance. The solid knowledge base our specialists’ exhibit comes from understanding the ins and outs of lawn maintenance in our desert environment. Coupled with design innovation and ground-breaking techniques, we keep your yard landscape looking great year round.

Our professional staff stand by the commitment we’ve made of providing our customers the very best services to maintain beautiful, healthy and glowing lawns and Arizona hardscape. Our weekly, bi-weekly and monthly yard services are organized according to client preferences, and include mowing yards, line trimming around trees, posts, fencing, block walls, and edging along the sidewalk, walkways, driveways and patio. We offer:

  • fertilization
  • tree trimming
  • shrub and herb trimming
  • tree service
  • over seeding
  • lower bed maintenance
  • weed removal
  • gutter cleaning services.